6 Killer Notion Whiteboard Apps For Free

Notion whiteboard integration can take your productivity to the next level. But with no native virtual whiteboarding feature, finding the right third-party solution is key!

As a daily Notion user, I tested the top contenders to uncover six excellent free whiteboard apps that integrate seamlessly.

What We Will Cover

Does Notion Have A Whiteboard?

As much as we adore Notion’s ability to keep our lives in check, it’s missing something – a native whiteboard feature!

This might seem like a miss, especially when you want to brainstorm or visually map out those lightbulb moments.

But, here’s the cool part: Notion cleverly sidesteps this by partnering with some third-party apps. These integrations allow users to engage in effective, real-time collaboration while keeping with Notion’s organizational capabilities.

6 Free Notion Whiteboard Apps

Let’s check out some free whiteboard apps that sync super smoothly with Notion. I’ll spotlight six picks that level up your Notion game with easy integration and versatile features for effortless teamwork.

These caught my eye by nicely complementing Notion’s strengths while bringing their own special features.

1. Witeboard


I’m always on the hunt for a simple whiteboard that plays nice with Notion, and Witeboard hits that spot. It wins praise for smooth sketching, which is perfect when inspiration strikes!

As someone who avoids complexity, I appreciate the simple and ‘unintimidating’ interface.

And it totally rocks at real-time collaboration too, making brainstorming sessions extra productive.


  • Crazy good freehand sketch skills
  • Impressively easy to use
  • Built for real-time team collaboration sessions


  • Mouse usage can restrict detailed sketch work
  • Recent server performance issues for some users

2. Sketchboard.io


I’m a longtime fan of Sketchboard.io for its balance of accessibility and horsepower.

Nearly any skill level can leverage its friendly interface to contribute ideas. And unlike simpler tools, Sketchboard.io offers excellent version control and document sharing capabilities suited for aligning with teams.

It also integrates smoothly with Notion which is a must for my workflow.


  • Provides useful notification features to keep the team updated​​.
  • The interface is user-friendly, making it accessible to users of all skill levels.
  • Supports robust document sharing capabilities.


  • Just 3 editable boards on the free plan
  • Limited export options (JPEG & PNG with watermark; no PDF & SVG export)

3. Excalidraw


As a visual thinker, I love Excalidraw for its clean and distraction-free interface.

With fewer fonts and styles staring back at me, I can easily gather my thoughts and start sketching.

I also appreciate the library feature for reusing visual elements across projects.

Excalidraw’s straightforward approach still makes it a great complementary tool among the Notion community.


  • Clean, easy-to-use interface doesn’t overwhelm
  • Handy libraries for adding reusable objects
  • Helpful canvas shortcuts


  • Some users might prefer more extensive styling and formatting options.
  • Needs more icons and standard elements

4. Draw.io


For those needing a robust all-rounder, Draw.io is a great jack-of-all-trades option.

In my experience, Draw.io’s template variety makes quick work for flowcharts, network diagrams, and everything in between. But it manages to still be beginner-friendly thanks to its intuitive interface.

While natively integrating with tools like Google Drive, Draw.io’s flexibility still provides value in tandem with Notion.


  • Rich library of templates and shapes
  • Natively integrates with some platforms
  • Convenient multi-format exports


  • Performance can lag with complex diagrams
  • No dark mode option

5. Miro


As a fan of Notion’s flexible ecosystems, I’m drawn to Miro’s similarly innovative approach.

It frames workspaces with an endless canvas feel, supporting everything from group brainstorms to complex system diagrams.

And with its slick embedding into Notion, teams can now kickstart and advance visual projects without ever leaving their workspace.


  • Great Notion integration keeps work flowing
  • Intuitive interface – easy to pick up
  • Responsive customer support team


  • Accessibility issues like finicky zooming
  • Can be hard to grasp the full context in Notion

6. Fig Jam

Fig Jam

As remote work becomes more popular, I’m continuously impressed by Fig Jam’s real-time collaborative abilities.

It facilitates rapid ideation and iterations that feel closer to an in-person whiteboard jam. And while it may not offer the full spectrum of Figma’s design tools, Fig Jam provides helpful versatility between documents and projects.

In my opinion, Fig Jam nails the sweet spot between flexibility and user-friendly lightness compared to some clunkier enterprise platforms. 


  • Built for live collaboration
  • User-friendly and welcoming interface
  • Useful file preview and auto-save


  • Could use more out-of-the-box diagram presets
  • Main dashboard navigation is crowded

4 Notion Whiteboard Features You’ll Need

If you’re seeking the perfect virtual whiteboard to integrate with Notion, there are a few key features worth keeping in mind.

I did a bit of digging to uncover the capabilities that matter most when it comes to seamless collaboration and creativity.

Native Integration
Apps with native Notion integration

Native Integration

First things first – you’ll want something that meshes nicely with Notion straight out of the box.

Native integration means no headaches getting things to sync up correctly. And you may even get extra support from the Notion support themselves.

Third-party tools can definitely get the job done, but sometimes they break or behave unexpectedly. With native integration, everything should just work.

Supports Multiple Collaborators

Brainstorming solo is one thing, but teamwork makes the dream work!

A decent online whiteboard lets multiple people co-create smoothly at the same time. No taking turns or watching someone else’s cursor while you impatiently wait to add your two cents.

Simultaneous editing keeps creative juices flowing freely.

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Right Amount Of Tooling

Create Drawing

The functionality of the whiteboard app largely depends on your specific needs.

If your goal is to sketch ideas or have informal team discussions, look for apps with essential drawing tools. 

They should have easy-to-use diagramming features like arrows and boxes, without overwhelming you with unnecessary features like charting or project management tools.

Device Compatibility

Ideas can strike anytime, anywhere – you shouldn’t have to be chained to a desk!

A flexible whiteboard offers a solid experience across phones, tablets, laptops, etc.

Collaborating on the go?

No problem at all. Your squad can jam successfully on whichever devices they happen to be using.


When it comes to maximizing those lightbulb moments, having the right Notion whiteboard companion makes all the difference.

And instead of investing in complex enterprise platforms, these six excellent free integrations check all the key boxes – from buttery-smooth sketching to real-time collaboration superpowers.

So embrace visual thinking and say goodbye to productivity bottlenecks.

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